New Film: Schools as Learning Communities

A new 'good practice' video is available on the Boa Agua School as part of the School Education Gateway.

A page is also promoted describing the toolkit webinars. 

Key competences for all:

Policy design and implementation in Europe

Invitation to join the conference to discuss study findings. 

Tuesday 18 January from 14:00 to 17:30 CET

School Education Gateway Webinars

The European Commission’s School Education Gateway is offering two upcoming seminars:


CNESCO Conference

An online conference will take place from 16-20 November in partnership with France Education International, on international comparisons by Cnesco on continuing training and professional development of educational staff. The EIESP collaborated alongside the CNAM in the conference organising committee.

Une conférence virtuelle aura lieu du 16 au 20 novembre sur des comparaisons internationales du Cnesco sur la formation continue et le développement professionnel des personnels d'éducation (16-20 novembre) seront ouvertes la semaine prochaine. L'IEEPS  a collaboré avec la CNAM dans le comité d'organisation de la conférence.

European Toolkit for Schools Webinars

A series of upcoming webinars are underway with immediate effect until 20 November.  Connect now for webinars on tackling early school leaving and promoting inclusion and family participation.

In the coming days there will be webinars on involving families & communities in meaningful interactions and support students’ learning & social development, and collaboration & co-construction of successful learning situations for all children. #EdGateway

Click here for more information about the European Toolkit for Schools.

Act 2GETHERLAND  Partnership

Please click here to learn more about the 2GETHERLAND forum - an upcoming virtual gathering, created with and for children and adults to explore how different generations can work together to create fair and sustainable environments!


Expert Network on Recognition of outcomes of learning periods abroad in general secondary education for a European Education Area

A Press Release has just been released on this important initiative, please click here to read it. You can also click here to register for the newsletter!

EIESP Activity Report

Please click here to download the Activity Report 2018-2019.

European Toolkit for Schools

EIESP is providing support to the European Commission’s European Toolkit for Schools. TheToolkit, which is available through the School Education Gateway, offers concrete ideas for improving collaboration within, between and beyond schools with a view to enabling all children and young people to succeed in school.The Toolkit has recently developed short films with examples of whole-school approaches to preventing early school leaving.  They are subtitled in all European languages.


Sweden teaser


Manchester teaser


Barcelona teaser

The project is funded by the European Commission.

Jean Gordon (1950-2018)

The EIESP fondly remembers Jean Gordon, Director of the EIESP from 2003 to 2013, and Joint Editor of European Journal of Education (EJE) and member of the EJE board (2004-2015). Jean passed away on 30 October 2018. On the anniversary of her passing, she is remembered by her colleagues at the EIESP and the European Journal of Education for her determined optimism, insightfulness, openness to new ideas, ability to negotiate values and forge compromises, and above all, her social and moral commitment and integrity. In addition to numerous editorials, Jean published a number of articles EJE which we present here, free to access through to October 2020.


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