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Our Journal

The EIESP edited the European Journal of Education between 1979 and 2023. In 2024, EIESP will re-launch its journal on an Open Access platform under a new title. This peer-reviewed journal will be thematic and will continue to focus on international and comparative education policy for lifelong learning in Europe and beyond. In line with the principles of Open Science, it will bring together contributors with a high level of expertise in policy, research, and practice. 

Please stay tuned for further news as we pursue the next steps for our re-launch.

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Policy and Strategy Analysis

The EIESP has built up a solid reputation as an experienced, international and innovative partner in education policy design, management, reform and evaluation. We create bridges across research, policy and practice; develop systems, approaches, tools and practices that place the learner at the centre; and, evaluate the design, implementation and outcomes of policies at different decision-making levels.

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Networks for Innovation

The EIESP works in networks and consortia that contribute to decision-making processes and to the exchange of good practice among countries, institutions or sectors. Through this collective work and engagement, we promote innovative approaches to shared challenges.

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EIESP  European Institute of Education and Social Policy

IEEPS Institut Européen d’Éducation et de Politique Sociale

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