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Toolkit Editorial Board (...-2022)


EIESP is providing support to the European Commission’s European Toolkit for Schools#EdGateway TheToolkit, which is available through the School Education Gateway, offers concrete ideas for improving collaboration within, between and beyond schools with a view to enabling all children and young people to succeed in school. School leaders, teachers, parents and other people involved in different aspects of school life can find helpful information, examples of measures and resource material to inspire their efforts in providing effective and high-quality early childhood and school education.

The Toolkit has recently developed short films with examples of whole-school approaches to preventing early school leaving. They are subtitled in all European languages.



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Manchester teaser


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The Toolkit is structured around five main areas: school governance; support to learners; teachers; parental involvement; and stakeholder involvement. The Toolkit Editorial Board identifies effective educational practices for the online platform. It is comprised of independent and academic experts in Austria (Vienna University for Economics and Business); Belgium (University of Antwerp), the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain), the University of Manchester (UK), and Sweden.

A series of upcoming webinars are underway with immediate effect until 20 November. Connect now for webinars on tackling early school leaving and promoting inclusion and family participation.

In the coming days there will be webinars on involving families & communities in meaningful interactions and support students’ learning & social development, and collaboration & co-construction of successful learning situations for all children, as well as several other themes.

EIESP  European Institute of Education and Social Policy

IEEPS Institut Européen d’Éducation et de Politique Sociale

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