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Key competences for all:

Policy design and implementation in Europe


Online Conference Tuesday 18 January 2022 

Click here to view the conference video.




Welcoming address

  • Themis Christophidou, Director-General, EC DG EAC


Key Findings, Recommendations and Policy Guidelines

  • Prof. Kay Livingston, Professor of Educational Research Policy and Practice (Culture, Literacies, Inclusion & Pedagogy) at University of Glasgow

  • Janet Looney and Majella O’Shea, Study Team


Reflections on the recommendations

  • Prof. Dr Edith Hooge, Professor, ‘Boards and Governance in Education’ at TIAS, Tilburg University 


  • Michael Teutsch, Head of Unit, European Commission DG Education, Youth, Sport and Culture 

  • Elsebeth Aller, Head of International Affairs for Children and Education, Ministry of Education and Children, Denmark

  • Dr. Drahoslava Keckesova (PhD),  State Advisor at the Department for Curriculum and Innovation in Education of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak republic.

  • Maria Emília Brederode Santos, President of the National Education Council, Portugal​


Comfort break


Applying the guidelines to different types of education systems and contexts. A panel debate.

  • Facilitated by Prof. Kay Livingston


  • Harold Hislop, Chief Inspector, Ireland

  • Peter Lucas, Policy Advisor, VO-Raad, Netherlands  

  • Susan Flocken, ETUCE European Director

  • Rareș Voicu, OBESSU

  • Carmen Caballero Martínez, Head of Area of General Regime Education, General Sub-Directorate for Academic Organisation, Directorate General for Evaluation and Territorial Cooperation, Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, Spain

  • Jaroslav Faltýn, EU department Deputy director, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports


Initiatives to support broad competence development and better achievement of basic skills

  • Ulrike Pisiotis, European Commission Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture

Invitation to participants to comment on own commitments and expectations from the Commission to further enhance the implementation of key competence reforms, including basic skills



  • Sophia ERIKSSON WATERSCHOOT (Director, Youth, Education and Erasmus+, European Commission) 

Please click here to access the conference video.

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