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Completion of Study : Enhancing learning through digital tools and practices

Ecorys, EIESP and a panel of academic advisers have completed an important study examining the role of digital technologies within inclusive education in Europe. The final report “How digital technology in compulsory education can help promote inclusion October 2021” is now published and available online


The study aimed to provide the European Commission with insights to how digital technologies could promote the inclusion of all learners, with a particular focus on how schools were responding after the COVID-19 public health crisis, and to identify key messages for learners with additional needs.


The research was carried out in two phases:

  1. a mapping of how digital technology has been used to promote inclusion within compulsory education across the EU27

  2. delving deeper within a sample of 6-8 member states, to understand what works and how, and to establish the conditions for success.

EIESP  European Institute of Education and Social Policy

IEEPS Institut Européen d’Éducation et de Politique Sociale

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