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Participatory Citizenship in Europe Project (2011)

The report provides a picture of the state of play concerning participatory forms of citizenship both in terms of policies and actual engagement. In order to provide a current assessment of participation rates, the report describes participation trends of participation for adults and young people across Europe over the last 10 years. In addition, it provides an analysis of the current policies and practice to facilitate Participatory Citizenship across the 27 European Union member states. It highlights the main drivers of Participatory Citizenship and the barriers and challenges that are currently being faced by policy and practice in terms of facilitating Participatory Citizenship.


The consortium was led by the Institute of Education (Llakes Centre) of the University of London and coordinated by Bryony Hoskins (Llakes Centre). The partners were the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER, UK), the EIESP and universities from five Member States (Denmark, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Slovenia).


The reports for the project are available at the EC Citizenship news page The followings documents are available for download:

Contextual Analysis Report

Analytic Report

Good Practices Report

Final Study Summary and Policy Recommendations


The EIESP team was made up of senior researchers Antoine Bevort (professor of Sociology at the Conservatoire national des arts et métiers, Paris) and Alain Michel (Scientific Advisor to the EIESP), and junior researcher Diane Michel.


The study was funded by European Commission.

EIESP  European Institute of Education and Social Policy

IEEPS Institut Européen d’Éducation et de Politique Sociale

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