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Croatia Adult Learning - CARDS 2004 (2007-2009)


The EIESP provided technical assistance to the EU-funded CARDS programme to improve the quality of adult education in Croatia. The project started in September 2007 and finished in April 2009. The project had three objectives: policy development, modernisation of adult learning and awareness raising.


The report of the multi-stakeholder working group for this component also made proposals for improving the accreditation of training institutions and programmes and for quality supervision of these programmes. The work was undertaken by a working group of the key actors from stakeholder organisations in the public and private sectors.


The consortium is led by Aarhus Technical College (Denmark). The other members were Planungs-Engineering- Management GmbH (Germany), EPRD Office for Economic Policy and Regional Development Ltd. (Poland) and the University of Jyväskylä (Finland). Jean Gordon (EIESP) was a key expert for the component on Quality of Training Programmes and Providers.


The study was run under the CARDS Programme of the European Union.

EIESP  European Institute of Education and Social Policy

IEEPS Institut Européen d’Éducation et de Politique Sociale

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